The Mind of a Statist

on Sunday, September 25, 2011

If you make decisions that are not designed to benefit other people and the “greater good” you’re a bad bad man… and rich people are immoral because they have not used their wealth to fight evil.
You’re evil unless you’re a selfless, reckless, ostentatious “superhero” who uses violent coercion… taking, stealing and destroying… to get what is “good and just.” You must judge all others and violently smite them if they do evil or disagree with your personal laws of justice.
If you are humble, peaceful, and cautious… and act to honestly provide for yourself and your family, without violence or coercion… if you trade and produce, and are tolerant of others with whom you may trade… you’re obviously an evil, evil man.
Statists think like violent comic-book vigilante heroes. The rest of us grew up a long time ago.