Science Has No Idea What a "Healthy Lifestyle" Really Is

on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mouthwash has been blamed for oral cancer, aluminum saucepans and deodorants have been associated with dementia, keeping pet cats with multiple sclerosis, alcohol with cancers of the breast and esophagus, coffee with cancer of the pancreas, sun exposure with skin cancer, and a high-fat diet with virtually everything.

For coronary heart disease, there are now over 1,000 personal risk factors including not eating enough garlic, being bald, having an intelligent wife, having an unloving wife, drinking too much milk, drinking too little milk, coffee, chlorinated water, and so on.

“Risk factors” are mostly based on correlation and are often contradictory, but it doesn't matter; they change the way we view food and the world we live in, encouraging us to believe we are in constant danger -- that virtually anything can hurt us.

"Lest anyone be skeptical about these hazards, the public health police guarantee the validity of their findings by means of evoking the authority of “expert committees”. These committees, carefully selected to exclude anyone who might have “doubts”, gather round a table, ostensibly examine the entrails of the scientific evidence and then, by a show of hands, assert the certainty of the threat."