I don't believe you

on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"So you think that global warming is ... a “true planetary emergency” and a “moral and spiritual challenge to all humanity?”

I don’t.

More importantly, I don’t believe you truly believe it either.

After all, if you were really concerned about global warming…

…you’d stop eating beef, milk and all associated dairy products immediately. Livestock are responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases worldwide—more than all planes, trains and automobiles on the entire planet combined. Cows belch and flatulate methane (up to a whopping 130 gallons per cow daily), a gas with 21 times the warming impact of carbon dioxide. So if you talk about the dangers of global warming but had a steak for dinner and milk with your cereal this morning, you're far from convincing.

…you’d push for more nuclear power plants. Only 14% of U.S. energy comes from nuclear power—the rest comes from sources that are major greenhouse gas producers: petroleum (40%), coal (23%) and natural gas (23%). France, on the other hand, generates 78% of its energy needs from nuclear power, and it has the cleanest air (and lowest electricity bills) of any industrialized economy in the world. More nuclear energy would immediately and massively lower greenhouse gas emissions (even a doubling to 28% would be the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing carbon emissions from all U.S. passenger cars). Have you petitioned Congress to allow the building of more nuclear power plants?

…you’d stop using air conditioning in your home and car. Mankind survived several hundred thousand years without A/C, and still does in the vast majority of the world. Maybe you can too. Or is feeling nice and cool today more important to you than the whole world supposedly feeling too hot tomorrow?

…you’d live in a smaller house, closer to work. Everyone else in the world does. Or are you somehow special and exempt? Al Gore, at least, seems to think so: his Tennessee mansion consumes 20 times more energy per year than the average U.S. household, which in turn consumes far more than those in other countries. And in that vein, how about the hypocrisy of the Hollywood set, who give Gore’s movie an Oscar while being chauffered in by limo to the Academy Awards from their energy-guzzling palatial mansions."  Read the rest here