Why Do Public Schools Suck?

on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Public run businesses have the unique ability to enjoy higher incomes by failing. It's a never ending cycle of running a business poorly, blaming the failures on lack of funds, and receiving more funds. Case in point, the US public school system.  From Cato:

"Since 1970, inflation adjusted public school spending has more than doubled. Over the same period, achievement of students at the end of high school has stagnated, according to the Department of Education’s own long term National Assessment of Educational Progress. Meanwhile, the high school graduation rate has declined by 4 or 5%, according to Nobel laureate economist James Heckman.

So the only thing higher public school spending has accomplished is to raise taxes by about $300 billion annually, without improving outcomes.

The president’s decision to pump $100 billion into existing public school systems is likely slowing the U.S. economic recovery."