Small Town Banks, LOL.

on Friday, January 28, 2011

Before I left for Las Vegas I pulled up into the drive-through at Iowa State Bank. Without showing ID, I was able to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars in the form of cash and a money order made out to Wynn Las Vegas. They can't see my face from the drive through vacuum station. At one point they said "it would be better if you had your checkbook, but we can do it without it if we have to."

Turns out Wynn won't take the Money Order, insisting that it be a Cashier's Check instead, so I call Iowa State Bank:

Me: "Hi, Wynn Las Vegas won't accept your money order, I'd like to cancel it and wire the money to them instead."

ISB: "Did you lose the money order?"

Me: "No. It's right here in front of me."

ISB: "Okay well then just bring it in and we can cancel it."

Me: "I'm out of town, that won't be possible."

ISB: "Ohhhhh. Okay. Hmmm, well, hang on a minute."

Talks to her supervisor loudly. Repeating our conversation to the supervisor.

ISB: "Okay we can't cancel it, you'll have to bring it in."

Me: "So what happens if I lose the money order?"

ISB: "There is a $26 stop payment fee."

Me: "And where does the money go after you stop payment?"

ISB: "Hang on."

Repeats entire conversation with supervisor again... "So where does the money go after the stop payment?....he wants to cancel the money order and wire the money...."

ISB: "You'll have to come into the bank to cancel it."

Me: "So what if I lost the money order? Where would the money go?"

ISB "Hang on."

Repeats convo with boss loudly, obviously yelling across the bank "Where does the money go?!"

ISB "Okay, we can stop the payment, but you can't get the money back in your account until you come into the bank; we have to write you a new money order to yourself and you'll deposit that into your own account."

Me: "Okay, so I can't get the money to Las Vegas until I come into the bank in person?"

ISB: "Yes."