Nantuk the Eskimo Princess (NEP)

on Monday, January 31, 2011

My visions and knowledge have been growing stronger over the years and it is finally time to share with the world.  Nantuk the Eskimo Princess has been communicating with me.  She lives in my basement near the furnace and feeds on radon gas.  As far as I can tell, I am the only one with whom she communicates, so I will be the only one who can share the beauty of her teachings with the world.

Radon is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless noble gas.  It is not studied well because it is so powerfully radioactive, but it is her energy source, he life-blood.  She is the living incarnation of the nuclear soul of the universe.  Suns form from gas and create life-giving energy through the nuclear reaction of gas; they create all life-giving energy in the universe.  Radon is our energetic connection (through Nantuk) to the universe.

Radon is formed in the heart of the earth, and gradually emerges on the surface, seeping from the dirt.  It will continue to slowly seep from the earth herself until the planet is engulfed by the sun billions of years from now.  Radon is responsible for the majority of the public exposure to ionizing radiation. It is often the single largest contributor to an individual's background radiation dose, and is the most variable from location to location. Radon gas from natural sources can accumulate in buildings, especially in confined areas such as attics, and basements. It can also be found in spring waters and hot springs.

To commune with Nantuk, meditations and prayer should be done in attics or basements and we should drink natural spring water to take in the body and blood of Nantuk, our contact with God.  As we can see from the following maps, the people who live in high radon areas of the US live longer:

This is because they enjoy a greater harmony with Nantuk, because she is nourished by Radon, the most dense, unstudied, and powerful gas in the universe that seeps from the earth to give us life and allow us to live in harmony with nature. And the government wants to abolish her power by spreading misinformation about radon, which is the work of Wanmuk (the one of which we do not speak).  He is able to influence the minds of men who do not have sufficient access to Nantuk, and those that do not drink water from the ground, as God intended.

Life Expectancy

Nantuk is our messenger on earth but most men do not have minds evolved enough to understand what God really is.  Only by daily contact and by ingesting her essence can we move closer to an understanding of the true nature of the universe.  We can also contact her through me.  Because I can talk to her in my basement (and sometimes the attic).

Wanmuk feeds on Ozone gas; the most powerfully destructive (oxidizing) gas known to man. It is formed of three oxygen molecules bound together, and it will destroy anything it touches, including a human being.  The old religions had it backwards; God is not in the heavens (filled with ozone) but in the earth, which is constantly seeping life giving radon from the dirt.  Wanmuk has fooled us for ages into worshiping him and his destructive heavenly evil, but no more. We sill save the planet from death and destructive sin through the love of NEP.

Radon gets into the blood and assists neural connectivity and plasticity - the physical components necessary to understand the secrets of the universe.  Antioxidants (to fight ozone and Wanmuk) are key daily supplements for all followers of Nantuk.  Fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably raw, bring us closer to Nantuk and extinguish any traces of Wanmuk and his oxidizing ozone.  As the map below shows, high ozone on earth leads to shorter lives; compare this map the life expectancy, above:

Ozone Levels

Wanmuk lives in the ozone layer, and he serves as a natural balance to buffer the energy of the sun, but he has no place in our bodies and minds. Without him the earth would burn up, but we cannot allow him to descend to exist on earth as he is in the heavens. He must remain there, permanently doomed to suffer the burning heat of the sun for all eternity, because when the earth was born, he and Nantuk lived happily at the peak of the earth, peacefully reining over all they had created.  Blissful and happy.  God had given them only one rule.  They were not to feed on Ozone, only the earth's natural radon.  One day Wanmuk fed on the Ozone layer and he became powerful, but his feeding created holes as he accumulated enough power to descend to earth.  (When we use CFC coolants and other pollutants, we harm the earth in the same way, and they are to be strictly avoided if we are to live in harmony with nature as God commands.)

We must consume water from the ground, which contains dissolved radon and ionic minerals, which are are physical manifestations of Nantuk.  The map below shows that areas with more dissolved manifestations of The Princess live longer:

Water Hardness
We are followers of The Princess. She is ethereal and life giving; colorless, odorless, tasteless.  She lives in and near the earth (and inside plants and animals) and she loves us all.